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   Come experience the Pacific Northwest, as you're transported to a   foggy bay spotted with anchored fishing vessels, a rough northern ocean swell, a halibut boat cutting through the slate blue water sending spray over the bow, an afternoon of clam digging in a remote cove, a skiff ride on a brisk winter morning freezing spray hanging in the air, a walk down a harbor dock, the glow from the vessel windows, signaling a new day has begun and the ocean awaits. These are the scenes of the true pacific northwest and these are the scenes of Brenda Schwartz-Marine Artist’s life.
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Brenda’s technique of blending painterly wispy backgrounds
with strong accurately detailed
marine vessels, brings you into
a world of ocean breezes and
the hidden coves. Allowing you to enter, if only for a moment, the secret, time honored life of
a sea lover.


Brenda’s Artwork is created on site. She can often be seen pulled up in a cove sketching a scene or in the center of a fishing opening catching the
action as it unfolds. “I never know what awaits me when I head out of the harbor. I anticipate capturing a one of a kind scene, a moment in time that might never come again. And this incredible land never disappoints me.”

Brenda’s paintings and prints are included in many private collections throughout the world. Her images hang in many
fine  Art Galleries of the Pacific Northwest. Her paintings grace the walls of many fine marine vessels from private yachts, to coast guard vessels to cruise ships including the Alaska State Ferries. Her images have been honored and presented to commemorate milestones, retirements, birthdays, christenings of newly built vessels, or just to share the love of the sea.

Brenda’s style is uniquely her own sketching and studying a vessel and background until they coexist to create a feeling or emotion. Her images can take you back to a favorite place or can introduce you to a place you’ve never been. But with every image she will surround you with the feeling of awe and appreciation for nature and those who exist in this beautiful land called the Pacific Northwest.